We take a different approach from other service providers, ahem!
Hmmm, sure! Everyone says that, right?

How do we do things differently?
1. We start by asking where do you want to go, as a business
– Financial goals, people goals, expansion goals, pain points
2. INOVATE focuses on your business processes
– your processes make up your business!
3. We match Process & Technology solutions directly to your business goals
– we recommend, implement and support the technology solutions that support your business (processes)

How many times have you heard IT vendors say… the network is fine, check your software or vice-versa?
We provide one point of responsibility for your Technology requirements…
> Consulting and advisory on Strategic vision and Tactical needs
> Process Mapping (as is)
> Re-Engineering / Alignment / Innovation (future)
> Finding and implementing the right software
– ERP, CRM, DMS, Portal, www, Mobile…
> Implementing the right hardware
– on-premise, cloud, end point (laptops, tablets, desktops)…

What is right?
Right is what works best for your business needs now!
– in terms of need and budget
– keeping future expansion in mind
– the solution works as per your need (not the other way round!)

We aim to deliver the Triple Crown of benefits:
1. Increased Revenue
2. Lower Cost (increased efficiency)
3. Better Customer Service

That translates into a winning Customer Experience.

Interested to know more about how we can take your business to the next level?
Contact us and we’ll be glad to show you!


Office 1004, Al Moosa Tower 1
Next to Emirates Towers Metro
Sheikh Zayed Road

Office Phone +971 4 359 1320

Post Box 52679
Dubai, United Arab Emirates